About musicreleases.org

The maker of musicreleases.org is me, Just David. I'm a sound designer that loves to create my own music on my spare time. But it's really hard to get my music heard, so I came up with this site.

This site is for artists to submit their new songs directly to the site, for listeners to submit their favorite releases and for listeners to find new good music. Together we can elevate small artists and find new and interesting music that would otherwise be gone with the wind.

It's really hard for small artists to get heard and the big players always promote established artists. To make it more fair, this site only accept new releases on Spotify by small artists.

Musicreleases.org do not save any personal data! The Login with Spotify is controlled by Spotify and is totally safe.

If you like this site and find it useful, help me out and share it with your friends! Since there is only me working on this site, all suggestions are welcome. Email me at mail@musicreleases.org and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Any track that's not older than 60 days on Spotify may be added to this site, this will be checked upon track submission. To get room and spotlight for new releases, tracks will be removed after 60 days from the release date.

If the track is already too popular it will be denied for submission. Under 40 in the Spotify popularity filter will be able for submission. If not sure, just try to submit the track.

Tracks containing the following will be removed and blacklisted:
- Out of tune instruments/vocals.
- Off beats. Instruments/vocals that are not in sync.
- Bad quality. Lack of mixing, recording and mastering.
Do not worry, it's clear if it's on purpose or not.

Only single tracks are supported. No playlists, albums or artists.

Only 2 tracks from the same album are allowed in a row. If there are more than 2 tracks in a row, the last ones will be blacklisted and will not be able for submission again. If you want to add more than 2, wait a couple of days and leave room for other artists.

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